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Glasgow University Union is the beating heart of your campus experience. Housing everything from the HIVE, a sprawling labyrinth of several nightclub spaces, to the iconic Debates Chamber, home to European and World debating Championship teams by day and massive live performances by night, the GUU truly has something for everyone.

Easier to experience than explain, the Union is a mix of classy dining rooms, event spaces, billiard halls and catering upstairs in the “old building”, with the “new” basement recently rebuilt and housed underneath the Stevenson gym, all interlinked by the legendary Beer Bar, in and of itself a club come the midnight hour.

The Union is ran by a Board of Management and numerous committees, organising events as wide ranging as debates speaker training led by European champions through to dodgeball tournaments in our infamous Month of Games, with Monday night quizzes, Friday open mics, slam poetry, contributors meetings and numerous other events in between to sink your teeth into.


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The Queen Margaret Union is the home of live music in the West End of Glasgow. From the iconic Queen and Nirvana (yes, you read that right) to new age artists like Clairo and Sam Fender, we are constantly adding to our wall of legends. We offer weekly gigs to up-and-coming artists every Friday night that are FREE to all students, and throughout Freshers’ Week will offer everything from gigs to club nights in our atmospheric venue.  


QMU is proudly 'progressive, inclusive and welcoming' and this is much more than a slogan. These values are at the heart of what we do and have been since our foundation over 130 years ago. From being a voice for student issues, to helping the activist campaigns you care about, we will support you when you need a platform and voice.


We are run by students, for students, and put students first. Our elected Board of Management, led by student trustees, run a Union which makes your university experience special. We have numerous committees to get involved in, ranging from the award-winning magazine, qmunicate, to our social and events committees that organise quizzes and live-music nights.

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